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tech diving drysuit matrix AKUANA
Tech Diving Drysuit,MATRIX AKUANA
Tech Diving Drysuit,MATRIX AKUANA
Tech Diving Drysuit,MATRIX AKUANA
Tech Diving Drysuit,MATRIX AKUANA
Tech Diving Drysuit,MATRIX AKUANA

Tech Diving Drysuit,MATRIX AKUANA

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AKUANA drysuit is made by exploration divers for demanding divers. Every detail is considered and improved. The drysuit designs focus on keeping you DRY, durability and a full range of motion.

This drysuit ensures the highest performance while diving in many different underwater environments, using the recreational or technical gear.

Standard model has 28 size choices, diagonal YKK aqua seal zipper, quick-exchange neck and wrist, reinforcement on knee and crotch, multi-purpose cargo pocket with colorful bungee strings to mount the equipment, telescopic torso, suspenders with pockets for small items. 

  • fabric technology
  • Our trilaminate nylon is imported from the UK.
  • Trilaminate fabric is a light-weight, flexible fabric with inter-woven reinforcement threads, which provide superb durability and protection.
  • The fabric will undergo rigorous test:
  • TrilaminateAcid-alkali resistance test (1 week)
  • trilaminate wear resistance test (10000 times)
  • automatic leaking test

 diving drysuit zipper

Kevlar reinforcement in knee and crotch

Kevlar reinforcement in knee and crotch

YKK aqua seal zipper. More comfortable and durable.

tech diving drysuit YKK zipper

Quick-exchange neck and wrist system(Non-removable latex neck and wrist is an option)

 drysuit quick-exchange neck and wrist system

SITEC low profile valves, made in Sweden

diving drysuit SITEC low profile valvesscuba diving drysuit  low profile valves 

Scalable Optional choice of dry gloves, hood, undergarment and pee valve. 


  • ripstop trilaminate is using ripstop nylon as outer protection. This kind of nylon is using a special reinforcing technique that makes them resistant to tearing and ripping.
  • 5 Color choice(blue,  red, yellow, Oliver green black)
  • Customized color pattern. Design your own dry suit