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5 Years* FREE Repair warranty

Within the warranty period, buyers can return items for FREE repairs. Buyers pay the shipping fees for sending the item back, while we pay for the shipping fees for sending the repaired item back to the buyer.
Product warranty period:
  • Regulator: 5 years
  • BCD: 5 years for personal use
  • BCD: 2 years for diving club use
  • Drysuit: 1 year
  • Flashlight: 1 year
  • Hose: 1 year
  • Gauge: 1 year
  • Accessories: 1 year

After Sales Service

  • North America
Address: Cave Country Dive Shop, 19808 US-441, High Springs, FL 32643, United States
Name: Kristi Bernot

  • Europe
Address: 27 rue de l'yser, 7730 Estaimpuis, Belgium
Name: Sebastian Wyckhuys
Phone: 0032486440837 (Belgium), 003364120481 (France)

  • Asia-Pacific
Address: New grand bleu dive shop, Palmbeach resort, Punta engano, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu 6015, Philippines
Name: Yacoub